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Introduction of Korean game company Neowiz

Introduction of Korean game company Neowiz For companies that used the name Neowiz from 1997 to 2007, refer to the Neowiz Holdings document. Picto infobox enterprise.png Neowiz Co., Ltd. NEOWIZ CORP. Founded April 26, 2007 Neowiz Games March 24, 2017 Neowiz Dismantlement March 23, 2017 Neowiz Games Market Information Korea: 095660 Country Republic of Korea Headquarters Location 14 Daewangpangyo-ro 645beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do (Sampyeong-dong, Neowiz Pangyo Tower) Core Person Jisoo Moon (CEO) Capital 10,957,504,000 won (2017.12) Sales 174,045,348,402 won (2017) Operating Profit KRW 10,872,808,228 (2017) Total assets KRW 304,359,379,263 (2017.12) Website Neowiz NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. is a game company that was launched in 2007 through the division of Neowiz Holdings. Through the game portal Pmang, various genres of games such as FPS, Sports, and RPG are serviced. It is focusing on securing excellent IP through self-development and pioneering overseas markets using it, and

Pmang How to play New Poker

Pmang How to play New Poker New Poker consists of 52 cards of 4 types each with numbers from 2 to 10, J, Q, K, and A. It is a card game for 2 to 5 players. The user with the highest genealogy wins by comparing the card's genealogy according to the poker rules. For more information, please refer to How to Play New Poker. New Poker starts with 3 cards and plays with 4 additional cards. Create a genealogy using 7 personal cards and 1 shared card (community) to compete for who is the higher genealogy. New Poker Game Rules Bell Mang New Poker supports Joker Rule. After receiving 4 cards and discarding 1 card, reveal 1 card for your opponent to see. After that, 3 additional cards are taken publicly and bet. The 7th card is opened by everyone receiving the same card. At this time, the Joker card is given with a certain probability and it is automatically changed to the highest genealogy in combination with the hand hand. The last card is received privately and the last bet is placed. New

pmang How to play high-low

 What is high-low? Hi-Lo is a game that gives you a chance to choose a match based on a 7-poker game. Depending on your genealogy, you can choose High or Low for the match selection stage. The final winner is the player who has the highest genealogy among the players who select the high genealogy in the result step, and the player with the lowest genealogy among the players who select the low genealogy. The winner of the high genealogy and the winner of the low genealogy will take half of the pot money. High-low game rules Hi-Lo supports Choice Rules. You can choose between high/low/swing during the match selection phase. ※What is a swing? Swing refers to choosing both high and low At this time, if you compare the genealogy with the high-selected players and the low-selected players and win all of them, it becomes a “swing win” and you can receive an additional “swing price” from other users. However, if either high or low is lost, all bets will be lost. If you have acquired the Royal